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Over the years people have become more aware, that the use of eco-friendly, biodegradable and reusable products benefits of our planet. The habit of disposing used plastic bottles and bags is one of the leading causes of plastic pollution and other damages in the ecosystem. Plastic fills the sea, therefore killing our marine life. Dumping plastic is a human habit that we must stop, if we want our children to enjoy this planet as well.

What Does It Mean To Be Eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly is a term that simply describes the act of carrying out activities, that or not harmful to our environment. Over the years research have shown, that only nine percent of the plastics in the world are being recycled, with the rest left in landfills to decompose and this could take over a thousand years.

Looking at that, the truth is we have trashed the earth and if we were our own visitors, I guess at this point we would kick ourselves out of the place.

Why Should We Change?

By making the switch to zero waste and eco-friendly products, we reduce pollution and preserve our natural resources i.e water, soil and the air.

Most people seem to think the earth’s resources are unlimited, but that is not true. Resources can be reduced to a percentage that becomes useless overtime. Switching to eco-friendly products increases the sustainability of resources due to recycling.

With the use of eco-friendly products you don’t just help the environment, you are also helping yourself, as eco-friendly products have been proven to be healthier. Most of these products are now made in beautiful and durable designs, which has increased their popularity.

Below are a few eco-friendly products you should try out today, for a better tomorrow!

1. Bamboo Toothbrush

The bamboo used for toothbrush production, is grown naturally without any added pesticides or chemicals etc. This toothbrush is better and healthier for both you and the environment, as both the handle and bristles are biodegradable and recyclable.

Bamboo is actually naturally antimicrobial, this means that bacteria won’t be a problem. This is the same reason it is advisable for cooking utensils like the chopping board to be made from bamboo.

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