15 Creative Money Saving tips while Travelling

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Travelers hear about it and see it every day gas prices are up, the dollar is weak and travel is getting more expensive by the minute. As the cost of jet fuel rises and air carriers charge extra for everything from baggage to aisle seats, travelers on a budget may wonder if they can even afford a vacation. So 15 Creative Money Saving tips while Travelling is a article is about all the working tips for travelers.

Here are some of our favorite travel tips for keeping you on the road in vacations while still keeping your budget intact. The below article is about how to cut costs once you’re travelling.

1. Travel, but don’t roam

While many phones will sense when you’re abroad and turn off your data usage, some will continue to send and receive emails, tweets and other information in the background, at a cost of around £3 per megabyte. Have a dig around in your phone’s settings and make sure roaming is switched off to avoid racking up a huge bill, or call your service provider and make sure international data usage is blocked.
This is one of the best and common way to save money while travelling. So it is in 1st position in the listof 15 Creative Money Saving tips while Travelling.

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