15 Creative Money Saving tips while Travelling

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4. Never, ever buy currency at the airport

Okay, so you’ve had 200 other things to think about, but still — there is absolutely no excuse for waiting until you get to the departure lounge to change your money up, since the terrible exchange rate will never be worth the convenience. For the best deal, think ahead and order online from your bank or Post Office and pick up your notes before you fly. So it is in the list of 15 Creative Money Saving tips while Travelling.

5. Get the right credit card

Most standard credit and debit cards will charge you a fee of around 2–3% every time you make a purchase or withdraw cash overseas. Cards aimed at travelers, like Halifax’s Clarity card, don’t, meaning the price on the sticker is always what you pay. Better still, should you find yourself stuck for cash you’ll always get a true exchange rate when using a cash machine (though some ATMs will still charge a fee to foreign cards). You are reading 15 Creative Money Saving tips while Travelling.

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