17 High Yield Vegetables to Grow in Small Space Gardens

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High yield vegetables are great for gardeners with small spaces. Gracing your dinner table with the produce from your own garden definitely enhances the flavor of food. It gives you a sense of pride, contentment, and joy.

To enjoy fresh fruits and veggies you do not need a large backyard. A small space will also suffice. I have compiled a whole list of fast-growing, high-yield vegetables to meet your gardening goals.

Believe me when I say that space is not an issue; all you need is passion and patience. Don’t let your small garden keep you from growing lots of healthy vegetables. To top it all, growing your own veggies gives a better alternative to rapidly growing costs of food. It also makes you more conscious regarding healthier food choices.

A lot of the plants in this list can be easily grown in containers as well (smart pots are excellent for this). So if you have a small patio or a deck, you are good to go. An added perk of starting small is that you won’t give up half way since you won’t be taking on too much at once.

1. Shallots

Shallots, a member of the onion family, give a nice taste and texture to dishes and a fresh crunch when added to salads. It is fairly easy to plant; a single immature bulb can yield as many as five or six shallots. You can also easily store it during winters. Purple shallots our the best variety to grow. They are sweet and higher in nutrients than the white variety.

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