20 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Kitty Litter

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2. Preventing Grill Fires

Kitty litter helps prevent grill fires

Frequent bbq-ers will appreciate this tip for absorbing grease and preventing the fires that sometimes come with it. Line the bottom of your grill with about an inch or so of clay kitty litter to absorb the grease runoff that occurs while grilling. For this particular application unscented kitty litter is definitely the way to go — unless you want your food to have a perfumey, fresh-scent taste. If you try this tip, it’s important to remember to use clay litter and to replace it whenever it becomes overly saturated.

3. DIY Craft Projects

Kitty litter makes great filler for crafts

DIY-ers and crafters will enjoy this idea. Do it yourself draft stoppers and other craft projects that require some sort of filling like dried beans, gravel, plastic beads or sand can be made with good old-fashioned cat litter. It will give the project some weight and it won’t break down or attract insects plus it’s nontoxic, which is always a plus.

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