5 ways to live minimally and save the environment

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2. Getting around

Part of being a global citizen involves wanting to explore the world.

Unfortunately, this desire for travel is environmentally harmful if you take flights all the time. In fact, a single round-trip flight from New York to Los Angeles exhausts the carbon budget each person on Earth would need to remain within if climate change is to be halted. (One way to off-set this is by buying tree certificates.)

And traveling the same distance in a car is even worse.

So rather than always hopping on a plane or filling up your car, it’s best to take mass transit, ride a bike, or walk. Biking and walking are also super healthy for you and release no emissions.

Trains and buses can travel thousands of miles and eco-friendly cruises can get you across oceans. Check out this list of North American train routes to dispel any ideas you may have that environmental sustainability means staying stuck in one time zone.

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