6 Proven Strategies to Boost Garden Harvests

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Garden harvest in a basket

A well thought out garden will provide you with an abundance of harvests, but to get the most from it you’ll need to think strategically. The growing season is just around the corner, so now’s the time to start planning!

Read on or watch our video and article to discover six steps to a super-prolific, high-yield garden…

1. Choose High-Yield Plants

The first step towards bigger harvests is to grow crops that are either very quick to grow, very high yielding – or both! Good examples of fast-growers include radishes, which are ready to lift just four to six weeks after sowing, and lettuces, which may be cut repeatedly for a steady supply of leaves, so long as the central crown isn’t damaged. Other quick growers include most leafy herbs, spring onions, and beetroot, whose leaves can also be eaten just like spinach.

High yielding vegetables include zucchini, tomatoes – particularly smaller cherry varieties – and the good old potato, which will produce masses of tubers for salads, baking and mashing.

Fruits are often very high-yielding for the space and effort they take to grow. Once established, apples, raspberries and blackcurrants can all produce astoundingly heavy crops.

Take time to read the catalog description when choosing varieties too. Varieties described as ‘prolific’, ‘high-yielding’ or ‘productive’ will usually outperform other varieties.

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