7 Eco-Friendly Products For Daily Life

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Living green doesn’t have to be difficult. By including these eco-friendly products in your day-to-day routine, you can do your part to decrease waste and harmful chemicals that go back to the environment, save water, and slow down the rate at which we use up our natural resources.

Did You Know?

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1. Cloth diapers

Millions of diapers are disposed of every day around the word, haveing been used just once. CLoth napkins are easily eashable and keep babies away from the harmful chemicals used in the making of disposable diapers.

2. Gota dishwasher

This dishwasher may look like a small spaceship, but it cleans dirty dishes by steaming them in the pre-washing cycle. It then keeps this water for use in later phases – making it eco-friendly.

3. Recycled fabric clothes

Purchase clothes made from organic or recycled fabrics. This is signaled by a logo or seal, or is mentioned on the tag.

4. Rechargeable batteries

Regular batteries are complicated to recycle and a dangerous pollutant. Purchasing recyclable batteries ma initially be a little more expensive, but it will save you money on the long run and protect the environment.

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