9 Secrets To Get More Fruit From Your Garden

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While many garden plants bear fruit during their first growing season, some bushes and trees may take several years to produce a good yield.  Growing and caring for these plants is a lot of work and after such a long wait, you deserve to be able enjoy the fruits of your labors (pun intended!)  Knowing how to get the most out of each growing season can be tricky business. If you’ve done everything you can and you still aren’t getting the yields you want, try some of these tips to boost your garden’s health and increase the amount of fruit your trees and bushes produce.

1. Don’t Be Hasty

Before you begin trying to encourage fruiting, make sure that your plants are old enough and healthy enough to bear the load.  Standard fruit trees need anywhere from five to seven years before they are ready to produce.  Figs and berry bushes usually need two to three years.  If you notice that your plants are producing flowers before enough time has passed, pick the blooms off before they begin the energy- and nutrient-intensive process of growing fruit.  This will cause the tree or bush to redirect its efforts toward growing stronger limbs and roots.

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